Solano County


CONSULTATIONS: $225 for 1/2 hour, $450 for 1 hour.

Attorney: $450/hr

Paralegal: $225/hr

File set up fee: $250


Divorce with custody dispute: $10,000

Divorce with no custody dispute: $7,500  

Custody or child support dispute: $5,000


*An initial deposit does not represent your total fee or estimated fees. It is simply a deposit of advanced fees. It is not a flat fee. It may be more or less depending on the facts of your case. Initial deposits are negotiable. During your paid consultation, the attorney may offer you a smaller initial deposit than listed here and a payment plan based on your income and verified ability to pay. Initial deposits do not include court filing fees that are collected by the court, which are $435 to start a new case and $60 to file a request for orders (or more depending on the county). 


Disclaimer: Rates are subject to change. Your retainer agreement (contract) determines the fees you are charged, not this website. Time is billed in 0.1 hr (six minute) minimum increments.