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Justin Kirk Tabayoyon




This office is particularly well suited to handle divorces involving business owners and high asset divorces.


Attorney Justin Kirk Tabayoyon obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of California at Davis in Managerial Economics. To obtain this degree, Mr. Tabayoyon studied math up to the level of calculus, as well as finance and accounting. After obtaining his degree and prior to practicing law, Mr. Tabayoyon managed a corporate business. He studied the intricate details of profit and loss reports virtually every day of his life for years. He understands what bookkeeping is and where the numbers on a profit and loss statement come from in the first place. As a business owner himself, he manages complicated business entities. As an attorney working for his clients, he has dealt with multiple cases of business owners divorcing, hiding income and assets, and filing fraudulent tax returns. Mr. Tabayoyon has been admitted to practice before the United States Tax Court. 


As you are probably aware, not all attorneys carry the same skill set. Some are better in certain areas of practice than others. It is a common joke among lawyers that many enter the legal profession because they were not good at math. This is actually not just a joke. There is a lot of truth to it. And do not forget that judges are first and foremost attorneys. Unfortunately, many judges are clueless when it comes to complex financial situations. Judges themselves are simply given a paycheck, and most do not have a background in finance or accounting and have never managed a small business or a corporation. Judges rely on the parties and their attorneys to bring evidence and experts before them to explain things to them and help them understand what decisions to make and why. 


This office commonly encounters legal professionals on the other side of cases who despite generally being skilled attorneys are severely challenged when it comes to understanding even basic accounting principles. If an attorney does not understand basic microeconomics and both financial and managerial accounting, can you imagine how confused that attorney will be when they look at a profit and loss statement, balance sheet, and other financial statements? Will they understand the diverse investment vehicles you or the other party have? How will your attorney know what financial information to ask for from the other side if they do not have a clue what to ask for? How will an attorney who does not understand basic finance or accounting explain your financial situation to a judge who also does not have a clue? 


In practice, Mr. Tabayoyon has seen attorneys who do not look beyond the other parties' profit and loss statement and IRS Schedule C and accept whatever information is given by the other side as accurate. Most likely, it is because they do not have a clue where those numbers come from and they do not understand finance and accounting. This office knows parties often misrepresent their true income and hide assets. This office will engage in thorough investigation and formal discovery to undercover hidden assets or expose phony expenses. If necessary, this office will associate with accounting and finance professionals to investigate and clarify complex investments and holdings. 


If you are a divorcing business owner or person divorcing with substantial assets, contact the Law Offices of Justin Kirk Tabayoyon. This office is financially literate and will protect your financial interests. 


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